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In February 2012, Redbird acquired the former La Canada Unified School District's Chilao Mountain School, built in 1963 and thought to be the last functioning one room school house in California.

Many of our arts, cultural and environmental programs at the school are held in conjunction and cooperation with the US Forest Service Chilao Visitors Center. The school is also available to outside groups for workshops/seminars/training programs; it is an ideal location for those engaged in environmental sciences, and particularly fire ecology; outdoor education and restoration groups, ornithology enthusiasts, hikers and native plant folks; artists including painters, sculptors, dancers and those involved in art as therapy; social and youth groups who enjoy outdoor activities; cultural groups, including but not limited to indigenous cultures of the western hemisphere; practitioners of the healing arts, and workshops for healing, healthy living, self improvement, and self actualization.

Located two miles from Angeles Crest Highway at mile marker 49.69, Chilao School is an hour's drive from most of the greater Los Angeles area. The interior usable space in the school is approximately 2,000 square feet. There are chairs, tables, restrooms, drinking fountains, a projection screen, chalkboards, kitchen area with refrigerator, microwave, coffee makers (8 cup to 50 cup) and two outdoor stoves. There is paved parking, a playground, RV and tent access. We are surrounded by hiking trails and about one and a half miles from the famous Newcombs Ranch Bar and Restaurant. We are seeking to include two additional residences to the Chilao School compound so that we can expand our programs, collaborate more effectively with other groups and serve a broader audience. These residences, presently owned by the U.S.Forest Service, could dramatically enhance the scope of our activities.

If you are planning a visit to the school, please do not rely upon Google or other web- based map services. Contact us via email at for directions from your location.

The Chilao School property is a clean and sober environment, in coexistence with the natural inhabitants of the land. In addition to the four acre property, Meadow Group Camp is located within a quarter mile of Chilao School and can be rented through the USFS by calling 877-444-6777.

Our open season is April 1 to November 15. Upcoming events at Chilao School can be found on the school's Facebook page, and most of these gatherings are open to the public. Join us for a gathering or consider hosting your own at our facility.

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